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  • I would like to congratulate the whole BIA team on this impressive event! It was a remarkable day of networking and lectures alike and perfectly well organised! And the location was fantastic as well
  • Very well organised (esp. Signage). Good range of topics, excellent final keynote
  • This was the first BIA meeting of this type that I had attended and I thought it was a very good event. The venue was very suitable and the food was very good
  • I thought it was a really great event – well organised and interesting parallel tracks with talented speakers
  • We found the UK Bioscience Forum to be a useful venue to raise the profile of our company.  The event was well attended and the partnering system made it easier to meet prospective collaborators
  • Venue and catering perfect for event. Partnering was very new to me but effective and well organised, easy to respond to requests for meetings
  • I wanted to say that I thought the day was excellent. The mix of attendees was very good, making networking useful.  I’m from an academic organisation and often attend events that have too heavy a representation from academia and from service providers.  This wasn’t the case at all at the conference and there were plenty of companies to talk to
  • Thank you the UK Bioscience forum is now a benchmark for the whole industry. Great attendance, easy location to get to and a well thought out agenda
  • This is a great forum and a good place to catch up with the state of UK plc, investment in UK and the plight/success of UK companies. It is also a place to gain new information, meet new suppliers (services/knowledge/insight) and learn about the trends.  Panel discussions are a great asset 
  • The venue layout and how the programme was designed worked perfectly
  • Thank you for another excellent event. Very well organised, thought provoking topics and good mix of backgrounds for the attendees
  • Very good networking activity
  • The presentation on effect on licensing and agreement was very good and useful.
  • Early access session was really interesting
  • Really enjoyed the IP session-good, short interviews with succinct take-home messages

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